Our Story

Aimee Plimmer & Stephanie Kearsey

We are a traditional herbal apothecary, inspired by ancient folk traditions and healing practices.  We work with plants and botanicals in conjunction with the cycles of the moon to create balanced products for health and wellbeing.

Founded in 2016 by Aimee & Stephanie,  Earth Potion Apothecary is the manifestation of our love of plants, the earth and the magic that surrounds us.  Mindfully crafted with gratitude the products we create are made with love and intention to heal and assist in your self care journey.

In formulating our botanical creations we use the purest ingredients available using a variety of local, organic and sustainable plants, waxes and oils. We grow many of our own organic herbs in our gardens in Southwestern, Ontario. Handcrafted with gratitude in small batches with love to ensure quality and care goes into every product we make.

About Aimee Plimmer, RRPr.  

Aimee Plimmer is a plant lover, folk herbalist, reflexologist, reiki practitioner, crystal lover, avid gardener, spirit seeker, mother and animal activist.  She has a strong attachment to all living things,  a sensitive, intuitive person she is devoted to the magical  deep connection of love with the forest, animals, moon and cosmos.

Aimee has been happily practicing and studying  herbal medicine since 2014.  Some of her training includes studying under Karen Kielwer CH Practical Herbalism, Rosemary Gladstar’s Science & Art of Herbalism mentored by Penelope Beaudrow RH of The Ginkgo Tree Herbal School.  She has utmost gratitude for many trips with her herbal sisters to conferences all over north america learning herbal medicine from many amazing teachers from all over the world.  A life long learner, she is excited to see where her herbal journey will take her next.  Her interest in body, mind and spirit led her to train in Usui /Holy Fire Reiki  mentoring under Debora Carter in 2015 and worked up to Advanced level Reiki 3 in 2017.  Her passion to learn more she became certified in  Reflexology by the RRCO in 2017 offering treatments to her community.  She is committed to helping you bring your body back into balance using the knowledge she has learned from her plant allies, healing modalities and spreading love and good vibes.

Most days you will find her barefoot outside playing in her garden, in the apothecary creating lotions and potions, giving reflexology and reiki treatments, or walking in the forest with her husband, son and three legged dog Bindy.

About Stephanie Kearsey RRPr., RHN

Stephanie Kearsey is a plant lover, folk herbalist, reflexologist, reiki practitioner, holistic nutritionist, mother, crystal lover, spirit seeker, lover of all things.

Stephanie graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition as a Holistic Nutritionist in 2010 which led her to train in Bioenergetics with Dr. Cass from Physica Energetics in 2013.   Her interest in metaphysics took her on a journey of the energy of spirit and led her to train in Usui Reiki with Deborah Colton in 2016 & 2017 where she obtained her 2nd degree.  

With her passion to learn more about healing she became certified in Reflexology in 2017 by the RRCO.  

Her forever love of food, nature, plants and healing led Stephanie to train alongside Aimee in Rosemary Gladstar’s Science & Art of Herbalism mentored by Penelope Beaudreu RH of the Ginkgo Tree Herbal School.

Most days you would find Stephanie in the kitchen creating, in the woods by her favourite stream, daydreaming, playing with plants or hanging out  with her 3 kids, husband and dog Mia.